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Jimmy Zalcman

Parlays are a way to turbo-charge winnings, but in many cases, it ends up turbo-charging your losses.

In a parlay, you are making multiple bets and have to win all your bets without losing to win. The more bets you put in a parlay, the longer the odds.

Parlays start with a two-team parlay, and you can add as many teams as you like. This is a chart of the payouts for parlays:

Odds For Parlays

For example, you bet $10 dollars on a three-team parlay and all three of your teams win, you win $60. But if you bet $10 dollars, a three-team parlay and two of your teams win, but one of them loses, you lose your $10.

Remember in a parlay you have to go undefeated, and if you lose one bet, you lose everything.