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Prop to the Top: How to Spice Up Your Super Bowl With Prop Bets

Doc Greenfield
Want to spice up your Super Bowl without having to crush up habaneros in the guacamole? Super Bowl Prop Bets!!!!! If you’re a grizzled veteran...
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How to Make Money on the Texans’ Impossible Deshaun Watson Situation

Doc Greenfield
When you’re playing Texas Hold ‘em, and you’re dealt a pair of Aces, you’re obviously very happy. In a perfect world, you’re dealt that hand...
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2020-2021 NBA Win Totals: Eastern Conference Preview

Doc Greenfield
Atlantic Division Boston Celtics 2019-2020 Record: 48-24 Additions: Tristan Thompson, Jeff Teague, Aaron Nesmith Subtractions: Enes Kanter, Gordon Heyward Total Wins: 45 We’ll start our...
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Athletes Say the Darnedest Things

Doc Greenfield
Who doesn’t need a few laughs these days? The world isn’t just all fairways-greens and unicorns these days. So with everything being so bleak, your...
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The Biggest Fight In The World (Pt. 2)

Doc Greenfield
Now that Connor McGregor has supposedly retired once and for all (okay, Brett Favre Jr.) and the hundreds of millions of dollars that would have...
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Bye, Bye, Bye to the GOAT

Doc Greenfield
Tom Brady is not going back to the Pats. It pains me to say that. I have been a Pats fan my entire life, from...
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Bagels & Locks: Super Bowl Pick!

Doc Greenfield
The Super Bowl is always one of the toughest games to call all year. Everyone’s eyes are on the game and both teams are analyzed...