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Easy Money Promos for 12/31/2020

Action Jackson
Happy New Year’s Eve to all my degenerates out there. Today’s your last shot to actually make money this year, so make sure you don’t...
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Smart Money NFL Picks For 12/26/2020 and 12/27/2020

Mike Barner
Last week turned out to be another set of winners for us, as I went 2-0-1 with my picks. For the season, my overall record...
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Parlays: What They Are and How to Use Them

Anthony George
I’m sure you’ve seen them. You’re on your phone, scrolling along and you see a photo of a betting slip. Someone pulled off one of...
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7 Rules for Betting on the NFL

Mike Barner
Are you new to betting on NFL games? Maybe you’ve already been placing NFL wagers, but haven’t been happy with your results? Either way, we...
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Smart Money NFL Picks For 11/6/2020

Mike Barner
To say last week didn’t go well would be an understatement. I went 0-3 with my recommendations, dropping by season record to 17-7. I’m ready...
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