Jimmy Zalcman

PointsBetting/POINTSBET is a turbocharged and very fun way of betting in which the ultimate margin of victory determines winnings and losses. Win your bet by a lot and multiply your winnings. Lose your bet by a lot and, unfortunately, multiply your losses. PointsBetting is only offered at PointsBet.

If you’re not familiar with PointsBetting, here’s a crash course: Let’s say you bet the PatriotsRavens game. The Patriots the favorite by 6, but the Ravens spring an upset and win by 10. That would mean that the Ravens covered the spread by 16 points. With PointsBetting, every dollar that you bet is multiplied by how right or wrong you were compared to the spread. So, if you bet $1 on the Ravens, you would win $16 (one for every point by which the Ravens beat the spread). And if you bet $10 on the Ravens, you would win $160. However, the opposite is true if you bet on the Patriots. $1 dollar on Tom Brady & Co. means you lose $16; a $10-bet on the Pats loses you $160.

The upsides and downsides are pretty clear here. You can make big money on a team that crushes the spread. Or you can lose more than you bet on a team that really stinks up the joint. But it’s not just points spreads — you can make PointsBets on things like “How many yards is Carson Wentz is going to throw for?” And “How many points is James Harden going to score?” It can also make a boring game way more interesting. Why would you stop watching a blowout when every score could mean bigger winnings?

It’s worth noting that you can set a cap on losses for PointsBet wagers to ensure things don’t get out of hand. However, that will also trigger a corresponding cap on winnings.

PointsBetting is one of the most fun innovations in the world of sports gambling. And PointsBet is the only place to do it.