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Legal Online Sports Betting: Michigan

After nearly five years of trying to get the bill passed, the state of Michigan has finally agreed to legalize sports betting. They will be the 20th state to do so and while their initial goal of having all sportsbooks up and running by March Madness was a little thrown off by the wake of the world, Michigan has nevertheless officially legalized sports betting. What started off as just legalized casino games is slowly morphing into a full in-person and online industry that will help the state of Michigan rake in a lot of money. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Lawful Sports Betting Act last December, as Michigan continues to modernize. 

The Michigan Gaming Control Board will be overseeing all sports betting in the state of Michigan and have announced 8.4% revenue tax and a 1.25% city tax for the commercial casinos in the state.

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Here are some questions that might come to mind if Michigan is your home-state or one of your favorite travel destinations.

Does Michigan have sports betting?

Yes. The Michigan Gaming Control Board granted licenses to three casinos in Michigan that allow them to take bets on sporting events.

How long has sports betting been legal in Michigan?

You’re just in time. While there aren’t any sports on at the moment, Michigan took their first legal sports bet on March 11, 2020 after their government passed a bill in December of 2019 legalizing sports gambling in the state of Michigan. While the growth of different casinos and sportsbooks in the area will come with due time, all people of legal age are able to wager on sports as of this past March.

Can I bet on college sports?

Yes sir/ma’am. You can bet against Ohio State every night in almost whatever sport you wish.

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Is online sports betting legal in Michigan?

Yes, but no. While the bill signed by governor Gretchen Whitmer did legalize both online and in-person sports betting, some laws are still being finalized on the mobile side. This will prevent online betting from being fully legal until 2021, but there is nothing standing in the way between the people of Michigan and online sports betting besides a few rules to touch up on.

How old do I have to be to bet on sports legally in Michigan?

21. Figured I had to put this on here for some of you.

How many casinos are there in Michigan?

There are currently three casinos in the Michigan area, all in Detroit.

Greektown Casino – Detroit 

MGM Grand – Detroit

Motor City Casino – Detroit

Who oversees Michigan sports betting?

The Michigan Gaming Control Board is in charge of licensing and the regulation of casinos and mobile betting in the great state of Michigan. This sector of the Department of Treasury controls all aspects of Michigan gambling, including sports betting, horse racing, bingo, and more.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports now legal?

DFS are looked at similarly to mobile gambling through sportsbooks. While Daily Fantasy Sports require a different type of regulation, Michigan also signed a bill that will allow this in the state in addition to regular sports betting. This will likely happen around the same time that mobile sports betting is fully legal.

Times are changing for the bettors in Michigan. I wouldn’t recommend it right now, but all Michiganites 21 and older can now walk into one of the three Michigan casinos and bet on their favorite team. The Great Lakes are about to become a hotspot for sports bettors all over the country. In about a year, you’ll be able to bet right from your phone or computer. As we wait for sports to come back, the sports fanatics of Michigan have a lot to look forward to.

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