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The Biggest Fight In The World!

McGregor vs Tyson

Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather earned a combined 400 million dollars from their fight in 2017. That is not a typo, Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather really did earn a combined $400 million for their fight.

The fight was awful with McGregor having 0.0% chance of winning, but the hype was awesome and reeled in fans from around the world to plunk down $89.99 to watch the farce.

There is another fight out there of which the seeds are beginning to be planted that would out-gross Mayweather-McGregor and that fight is…..


Tyson has been out there showing off videos of him in the gym getting ready to make some sort of comeback. He’ll never be able to knock off Tyson Fury to regain the heavyweight championship of the world, but if he fights McGregor he’ll be the heavyweight champion of making dollars yo.


This fight unlike the Mayweather fight would be intriguing as hell. The younger/quicker Connor against the older/more powerful/more skilled Tyson. When I sized up Conner against Floyd I knew the Irishman had 0 chance of winning and laid down the largest bet I’ve ever made in my life for Floyd to win. This fight is a whole different kettle of fish and I don’t have a clue who would win. If I had a gun at my head and was forced to make a line on the fight I’d say Tyson is an 8-5 favorite.

Tyson-McGregor you heard it first and as long as the Nevada state athletic commission doesn’t test for weed anymore (Iron Mike has some much THC in his blood it would take him a decade to clean it all out) I think you’ll be seeing the mega-mega fight before the end of this year.

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(UPDATED 5/30)

1 – Gain Weight: Connor normally walks around at about 180 and then begins cutting to make weight. For this fight he’ll need to gain about 20-25 pounds of muscle to have a shot against Iron Mike. Not only will it give him some added pop with his punches, but it will also give him more stability in his legs to take the inevitable shots Mike will land.

2 – Move, move, move: Mac will undoubtedly have to keep his distance from Mike and make him chase him around the ring, but he will also have to move side to side to be able to land his jab repeatedly to Mike’s face and head.

3 – Win the battle of the microphone: Connor maybe the best trash talker in combat sports since Ali and he’ll have to get under Mike’s skin and have him crazed come fight night. We’ve seen Tyson lose his mind in the ring on more than a few occasions (Holyfield, Golota, McBride) and none of them could turn up the verbal heat like Connor.

4 – Take it into deep-water: Mike Tyson is 53 years old, he hasn’t fought in 15 years and on that night he lost to a mediocre opponent. If Mac can weather the early storm he be able to pot shot the gassed former champ in the later rounds.

5 – Care about winning the fight: Connor has nothing to lose in this fight and 100s of millions dollars to gain no matter if he wins or loses. If he has any chance to win he has to care about more than the Mount Everest of money he’s going to get and care about how his legacy will grow to massive stature for knocking off the former heavyweight champion of the world.

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